Emil 1pr


10 Type

9 Body

8 Legs

9 Movement

9 Overall


Vilja 1pr


10 Type

9 Body

8 Legs

9 Movement

9 Overall

I imported Viljar from Norway in 2010 for two compelling reasons…


Breed Character

and Quality of Pedigree. 


Viljar represents some of the best blood-lines and breeding in Norway.  His sire is Merinas Emil by Knapstaprinsen, a first premie stallion who was ranked top of his class as both a three and four year old.  His dam is Skogheims Vilja, a first premie mare by Viljar Brim who is undefeated at every show she has attended!  I did a lot of research before going to Norway to see this high quality ulsblakk colt.  Seeing him in person did not diminish my desire to bring him to the US both for my own program and for outside breeding.  I am very excited about his quality, his pedigree, and his potential.   On top of the quality he throws, he has a 50% chance of throwing his cremello gene to every foal.  To me, this is just icing on the cake—he is a beautiful stallion with an outstanding temperament.  I am very excited about how he has matured and his offspring.  Viljar is now booking for 2019.  His breeding fee is $800, which includes a non-refundable $200 booking deposit.  Mare care is $10 a day. 

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Skogheims Viljar

(Merinas Emil x Skogheims Vilja by Viljar Brim)

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To see Viljar’s full pedigree in the Norwegian database, click here!




Awards and Scores:            


*Young-stock Scores that average 8.55


*NFHR Blue Ribbon (82) at 4 years of age


*Second Place Mature Stallion at The Libby              International Fjord Show in 2013.


*68% @ Into Level

Viljar has 2 mares confirmed in foal for 2019!