This is the colt I’ve been waiting on for 15 years!  He epitomizes the quality I strive for in my breeding program with the added bonuses of 



and Temperament


Sølvar is a beautiful grey and white dun colt who is as sweet as he is lovely!  He has outstanding movement and is developing excellent bone and muscle structure. He is a nice, medium-type who I believe he will mature to right around 14 hands.  He should compliment a wide variety of mares and breeding goals.  His pedigree is full of the highest quality imports and top bred North American stock including our own Skogheims Viljar, Flotren, and OH Sadie by MVF Erlend, one of the highest evaluated mares in the country.


Sølvar’s temperament is willing, friendly and playful.  He is advancing well in his training and is wonderful to handle in-hand and in long-lines.  . 


In 2018, Sølvar had a wonderful first breeding season.  He covered three mares who all confirmed in foal! 


Sølvar is  now booking for 2019.  His breeding fee is $800, which includes a non-refundable $200 booking deposit.  Mare care is $10 a day. 

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OFI Sølvar

(OFI Siljar x OH Zaria by Fløtren)

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OFI Siljar

Skogheims Viljar

Merinas Emil

Sølvar has 3 mares confirmed in foal for 2019!