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Topas joined our herd in May 2017, as an 11 year old mare.   I knew she was pretty, sweet and talented, but didn't realize that she would instantly become a farm favorite!  Everyone loves to ride and work with this mare!  And in return she seems to adore the kids and her new life!  Topas did wonderfully as a lead-line horse at the 2017 PNFPG show in Sand Point.  She really has a wonderful bond with Elisa and I’m excited for these two to grow as a pair in the future.  We are planning to breed Topas to Fløtren in the spring of 2018. 

Dustin’s Celebrielle S4

Johan’s Smoky



Johan S4

Lakka S4


S2, G3


Belle S3, HOF

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Johan’s Smoky Topas