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What it means to buy a Fjord from Olivia Farm.


At Olivia Farm, Fjords are our business.  When we sell a Fjord, our reputation, and often our name, goes along with that horse.  As such, we guarantee that the horse is “as advertized”—we will tell you every positive AND negative trait we have observed.  We also promise that the horse is current on vaccinations, trims and worming.  Pre-purchase examinations by a licensed veterinarian can be arranged at the cost of the purchaser and travel documents, Certificates of Veterinary Inspection, Coggins, etc. are arranged and provided for by us.  We sometimes work with payment plans and deals that are a little “outside of the box”, so if you think you might not be able to afford one of our horses, you might want to think again.   We are 100% committed to making good matches between Fjords and prospective owners, and to that end, we try to be as flexible as possible.


A Fjord at Olivia Farm is more than just a horse.  Selective breeding of the Norwegian Fjord over hundreds of years has lead to a people-oriented, hardy, sturdy animal that is beautiful both inside and out.  At Olivia Farm, we strive to perpetuate such selective breeding to insure the highest quality of Fjord possible.  Good conformation and breeding is more than just about looks, it is about soundness, trainability, and longevity. 


Our brood-mares and stallions are selected on pedigree, conformation, movement, and  performance... the ability for which, we feel, truly indicates the temperament of the horse.   Many of the mature mares have performance records – usually in more than one discipline.  If we have bred a young mare that hasn’t been out showing yet, most likely her parents (and often grand-parents, great-grandparents, etc) have been in the show ring.  While it isn’t important that every horse perform in a show-type situation, we want to be sure that the offspring produced at Olivia Farm come from stock capable of meeting the intense requirements of showing, no matter the discipline.


Our stallions, too, are not just breeding horses.  They are required to handle riding and/or driving, both at home and off the farm, along with their breeding duties.  This insures a solid temperament and ability to think beyond the hormones.  



Why our prices are where they are.


The average purchase price of one of our brood-mares (as of May 2012) is $8,000.   On average, each horse costs $1200 per year to feed, trim, vaccinate, de-worm, etc.   Our stallions are both imports of extremely high quality, and represent a major investment in time and money.  Our horses are trained, perform, and compete well in various disciplines, which requires hours of training, as well as a significant investment in tack and equipment. 


Furthermore, we strive to insure that each foal has the best possible start in life; from two quality parents with quality pedigrees, good nutrition, handling, farrier care, etc.  Because of the high quality of our breeding stock, our foals command a high price as soon as they are born.  With each passing year, more and more goes into each individual and the prices reflect the quality, training, and progress of each horse.



What buying an Olivia Farm PROSPECT means.


As a breeding farm we mostly sell young-stock by our stallions and out of our mares.  If you have read the above paragraphs, you should understand our commitment to producing quality foals every year.  These foals have awesome potential!  Basically, they are only limited to the goals, drive and abilities of their potential new owners.


We strive to know our horses well, handle them well, and inform any prospective buyer about the horse as best we can.  But each horse is a unique individual and to really get to know them, a person must spend time with them, learn their habits, and earn their trust and respect.  This journey with a young Fjord is challenging, rewarding, and fun.  To raise your own young horse, train them the way you want, to have that bond with them from the beginning is a true joy, but it is a process that can take years.   No one can expect to have everything at the beginning – remember, a horse is a partnership and that relationship is always a work in progress!





At Olivia Farm we feel that what we are selling is potential.  We keep around 10 to 20 horses at our farm and while not every horse can be worked each day, we do take the time to ensure that each Fjord has the proper foundation from which a new owner can take it as far as they want to go and in any direction they choose.


Our prices reflect the investment in quality stock, as well as the quality and training of the individual that is for sale.  We know we do not have the cheapest Fjords around, but they are often not the most expensive either.  They may not have as much training as some that are available, but they are bred to excel with the proper training and conditioning.  They are also bred to produce quality offspring in the next generation.  As breeders, we feel this is vital toward ensuring the next generation of quality Fjord foals will be born and available for future generations of enthusiasts; Fjords that will only be limited by the abilities and imaginations of their owners.



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